Investment Strategy: Criteria


Investment Criteria

Transaction Value
  • ~$5 million to ~$50 million

Company Size
  • ~$1 million to $5+ million in EBITDA
  • ~$5 million to $60+ million in Revenue

  • Firms involved in AEC, infrastructure, and the Built Environment
  • Subsectors with high fragmentation and opportunity for growth and expansion

Company Type
  • Service, product, and technology providers with engrained cultures and focus on human capital management
  • Strong, often long-standing, reputation in served markets

  • Flexible, preference for teams that will want meaningful ownership going forward

  • We engage a limited number of investments in each fund in order to dedicate time, attention, and resources to support management teams and optimize results

Equity Check
  • $3 million to $15+ million of equity with commitment to support follow-on investment funding


Transaction Types

Management Buyout
  • We take a controlling stake to inject capital in partnership with management and aide in growth of the enterprise
  • We create an active solution for all stakeholders to align interests at investment entry and going forward

Family Transition
  • We create value for family companies by helping them execute management transitions
  • We utilize FMI’s expertise and contacts to help families transition and grow their businesses through our investment and partnership

Entrepreneur Capitalization/
  • We are uniquely qualified to support entrepreneurs in the next phase of their business through our industry expertise and guidance
  • We work hand in hand with entrepreneurs to achieve their goals

Growth Equity/
Minority Position
  • We selectively review and pursue opportunities to support new businesses and management
  • We will also review opportunities where existing management retains majority ownership to achieve business milestones